Hot Weather Tips for You and your Camera!

Hot Weather Tips for You and your Camera!


Whether you are going out into the noon day sun here at home this summer or lucky enough to be traveling to warmer climates here are a few tips to keep yourself and your equipment in good shape in hot weather.

Wear a hat and sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Wear light coloured well ventilated clothing. You need to protect your camera from the sun too! Most cameras are black and they can attract a lot of heat, put them in the shade when you’re not using them, or if you have to keep them in the sun, cover them with a dry white towel, (not a linty one!). On extremely hot days it might be best to avoid or minimize camera processes that tend to heat a camera up, like Liveview, Intervalometer, or video. If you have to use them try using an add on battery pack. Set your camera’s auto off to a shorter than normal interval.

Avoid condensation! This can happen when you move your camera and lenses from a cool air conditioned car or house into a warm environment or vice versa. The resulting moisture can cause problems with circuitry and leave spots or mildew or fungus in your camera and lenses. This can permanently damage your equipment. If you can, bring your equipment into cool or warm environments gradually and always wipe down your equipment with a lint free dry cloth before storing them. If possible don’t leave equipment in its bag, store it in an open dry cupboard or drawer. If you must leave it in the bag, make sure you stuff lots of those little silica gel packets in your bag. That encourages the condensation to stick to your bag, not the equipment.